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» Todays donedeal giggle
Oct 15, 2019 - 11:29 PM - by Beard-Face
15 Replies | 180 Views
» Noobie Question
Oct 15, 2019 - 10:31 PM - by Ianik
Hello lads.As I am 16 already I decided that I will eventually apply for the A1.I got myself a Chinese Supermoto (125cc) for 2015.I was wondering how much will it cost for me to get on the road (not including gear) stuff like the IBT and the theory and have you got any tips on how to get a cheaper quote or any good companies as I got quotes that are about x2 the cost of the bike.Thank you for your time!
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» Germany, Austria, Slovenia???
Oct 15, 2019 - 1:21 AM - by Rh4000
So after doing France, Spain and Portugal for 3 weeks this July with herself im planning next year's trip. Done Europe 2 years ago, South Germany, Austria and Hungary but want to go back again, stunning scenery.

I'm going to get the bike shipped into Memmengen with Overlanders around the end of July, probably 3 weeks trip again. I'm going to head south down to Stelvio pass and park, then across North Italy to the Dolomites, around that area and on towards Lake bled in Slovenia, after that I'm not sure, thinking, Czech Republic, Poland, North Germany and back down maybe but I'm not sure yet.

I'm sure plenty of ye have done around this area or similar trips, any tips, roads to go, areas to visit, places to see etc?

Thanks in advance
9 Replies | 208 Views
» Alternator Refurbishment/Rebuild
Oct 14, 2019 - 7:19 PM - by f4fwildcat

I have an alternator for a cbx 750 that needs the field coil replacing but I haven't found anyone that will specifically rewind and rebuild alternators. Anyone know of a place that can refurbish them in or around Galway? Would be willing to travel a bit further a field if needs be.

Thanks in advance.
14 Replies | 186 Views
» Dunboyne 2019
Oct 13, 2019 - 4:48 PM - by NSU_SportMax
Didn't make it to Dunboyne this year due to late change of dates - had booked flights for "normal" end of September date.
First of all, did it happen ??? (Hope so !!)
Assuming it did, how did it go ? Any pics available ?
5 Replies | 259 Views
» Joe Duffy Servicing
Oct 13, 2019 - 12:32 PM - by Dralex72
F800st coming up to 24000 miles. I believe this means a major service is due including valve clearance check. Anyone have rough idea how much this would cost at Joe Duffy? Or any independent mechanic that could do the same but also clear the on-board computer "service" warnings
I'm in south Dublin City

12 Replies | 531 Views
» WSBK...Rea.s pride gets the better of the group..
Oct 13, 2019 - 9:27 AM - by Jack stowage
Jonathan Rea finished as the runner-up on his Kawasaki in the opening race at the San Juan circuit in Argentina on Saturday.

Jonathan Rea clinched second place in a drama-hit opening World Superbike race in Argentina, which saw only 12 riders take their place on the grid.

Concerns over slippery track conditions at the San Juan circuit led to a rider strike but the organisers pressed ahead with the opening race, which was won by Spain’s Alvaro Bautista (Aruba.it Ducati).

Northern Ireland’s Eugene Laverty did not take part on his Team Go Eleven Ducati and the Toome man was joined on the sidelines by Bautista’s team-mate, Chaz Davies, plus Leon Camier, Marco Melandri, Sandro Cortese and Ryuichi Kiyonari.

Rea, who... [Read More]
0 Replies | 169 Views
» New Ride
Oct 12, 2019 - 10:53 PM - by Batman162
Picked this up in July

... [Read More]
1 Reply | 187 Views
» Shop
Oct 11, 2019 - 10:51 PM - by Pumbaa the warthog
Is there any bike shop open on Sundays? I need to get a lid and will be in the capital next Sunday.
5 Replies | 250 Views
» Rebuild complete motor cost and where .
Oct 10, 2019 - 8:47 PM - by menapia dude
Folks who does complete motor rebuilds on modern 1000cc motors thanks
3 Replies | 304 Views
» Rg500
Oct 10, 2019 - 7:45 PM - by strokeofgenius
Hello lads,Im doing a few jobs to gamma and have new fork stanchions and seals got.I would like to tidy up the rest of the forks while its off the road.Any suggestions of people here who could do these? Im not sure how they were finished originally,maybe anodised.
4 Replies | 302 Views
» Restoring an old vice - video.
Oct 08, 2019 - 5:55 PM - by PADDYOT
Found this, almost therapeutic. Some job.

5 Replies | 150 Views
» Voting: Bike Pic of the Month September 2019
Oct 08, 2019 - 2:22 PM - by Admin
Voting: Bike Pic of the Month September 2019

Congratulations to last months winner doctorchopper, who won the roll-over prize of 100Ä voucher for his August's POTM entry.

Choose your 5 favourite pics (does not have to be in any order) for the Sept 2019 entries, hit reply below and list them like so :

Do not... [Read More]
20 Replies | 306 Views
» Bike collection/transport
Oct 08, 2019 - 1:55 PM - by Pumbaa the warthog
Anyone here do bike collection/delivery? Galway to Sligo?
1 Reply | 95 Views
» Review on the ZERO SR/F on YouTube
Oct 08, 2019 - 10:30 AM - by IndianVictory
Review from The Gorilla Biker on the SR/F -

0 Replies | 52 Views
» R&G crash protection vs the rest ...
Oct 07, 2019 - 9:20 PM - by PaddyIrishman
Hi all,

Just replaced my 09 GSX650F with a 161 GSX-S 1000F, happy new bike day to me !!!

Have planned a few small mods, but would like to start with investing in some crash protection.

I'm sure this thread has popped up before, but has anyone ever purchased and fitted anything that wasn't provided by R&G?

R&G doesn't seem overly priced, when comparing to some of the European stuff.

However, there seems to be some great value out there from the Chinese market. Thoughts ???

14 Replies | 287 Views
» Xjr1200 or Bandit 1200
Oct 07, 2019 - 1:50 PM - by Pumbaa the warthog
Howdy lads and lassies, I'm looking at getting a bike again after a necessary sabbatical, I have spotted a 1997 bandit and a 1994 xjr, I have never had either so I'm looking for some guidance from ye, both are in my price range, all help appreciated, thanks.
15 Replies | 388 Views
» Wanted, Kawasaki reg/rec
Oct 07, 2019 - 12:53 PM - by allsorts&oddjobs
As above lads, anyone got a reg/rec that will fit a 70's Z650 chucked under a bench? I think most kawasaki ones will fit - three yellow wires, one brown, one black in a block and one separate white/red wire

Happier to give someone here a few bob than some stranger on ebay , thanks lads.
3 Replies | 97 Views
» Acf-50
Oct 06, 2019 - 4:49 PM - by efanton
Doing quite a bit of work to the bike at the moment.

repaired some small cracks and scratches in one of the fairings, thats currently with Ger Conlon for a respray.

Removed the Exhaust, have gone over it with very fine grit wet and dry to remove small tar spots and a little bit of corrosion. Also got the bit near the collector to actually look like stainless steel again. Next step is a thorough polish with AutoSol to remove scratches and blemishes, That's going to take a while, but while I wait for the fairings plenty of time to do it.

Have removed whats easily removable from the bike and thoroughly cleaned the bits that never get cleaned.

So with all that work done, and a good bit still to go I thought now was the time to try... [Read More]
16 Replies | 490 Views
» Well done Jack Kennedy
Oct 05, 2019 - 11:09 PM - by Jack stowage
I for one was chuffed to bits and felt very proud of our Jack today...nice to see the tricolour doing a lap of honour in Brexit today.....
15 Replies | 260 Views
» Mechanic around Dublin recommendation
Oct 05, 2019 - 8:40 PM - by Kregiel
Hey Guys,

I am looking for a recommendation of a mechanic around Dublin. My 2005 Fazer 1000 doesn't rev as eagerly as it used to and sometimes when fully opened in a gear staggers for a while. At first I thought it's bad fuel batch but ruled this out now. I presume carbs need to be cleaned properly etc. Ned this diagnosed properly and fixed

Anybody had a similar issue and could recommend a good mechanic?

13 Replies | 459 Views
» high mileage bike,
Oct 04, 2019 - 12:31 PM - by menapia dude
folks been offered a bike with 85000 miles on it with full dealer service history from new from same shop,bike is mint but what ye think about motor,fella owns it is 65 and used it daily for his commute to work in england on motorway ?
18 Replies | 558 Views
» Anyone use brake cleaner to clean a chain?
Oct 02, 2019 - 8:38 PM - by RobbieBeGood
I have a few tins of aerosol brake cleaner in the shed.
As I'm quite a cheap bastard I thought I would use them to clean the bike chain rather than going out and spending my Confirmation money on a designated chain cleaner.
I'm assuming it will be safe to use on O/X-rings as it doesn't react with a brake calipers rubber seals .
Exhaustive searching on the net has turned up various opinions ranging from 'absolutely harmless' to 'one application will cause the chain to implode'.
Any reason you think I should or shouldn't use it?
14 Replies | 504 Views
» Battery charger
Oct 02, 2019 - 4:47 PM - by jp biker
As temps drop and drop the poxy
Big Bang become harder too start
So I'm looking for a trickle charger
Too keep it topped up over the winter
Months.whats your thoughts on the
Optamate 4 charger ? Or any other
Half decent chargers on the market at
The min.

14 Replies | 332 Views
» Speed Easy
Oct 02, 2019 - 3:47 PM - by sidegrinder
anyone with talking pictures tv channel, tonight at 7pm theres a 1960s irish public information film on how to ride a motorbike, good retro stuff, old mopeds, helmets, the old Garda bikes and Gardai with the white puddin bowl helmet and gauntlets lol..worth a look for retroness if nothing else
3 Replies | 223 Views
» Fcr carb needle
Oct 02, 2019 - 11:03 AM - by DavyH
Thoughts on this,besides itís propensity to devour the go go juice
12 Replies | 320 Views
» Leopardstown car boot sale
Oct 02, 2019 - 9:01 AM - by Jack stowage
Next saturday in case you dont know...very little advertising this year for some reason...
So if yer looking for some brass ornaments, dolls, model cars, nazi flags...drop along.......

Wouldnt miss it....heil hitler....
38 Replies | 963 Views
» Superstock Mackenzie replaces Glenn Irwin at Tyco BMW for penultimate BSB
Oct 01, 2019 - 5:21 PM - by Admin
Scotland’s Taylor Mackenzie will join Christian Iddon in the Tyco BMW team for the penultimate round of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship at Donington Park this weekend.

Mackenzie has been competing in the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship this season riding for Michael Rutter's Bathams BMW team.

The 26-year-old has been granted the opportunity with TAS Racing after Carrickfergus man Glenn Irwin’s shock split from the team last week.

Irwin, who began the year with British champions Quattro Plant/JG Speedfit Kawasaki, had joined the Moneymore team as a replacement for the injured Keith Farmer... [Read More]
4 Replies | 159 Views
» Lorenzo..brewing up a storm..
Oct 01, 2019 - 9:25 AM - by Jack stowage

Bet yer goin to be singing that song all day now in yer head..........
1 Reply | 152 Views
» Tesla summon
Sep 30, 2019 - 10:25 PM - by Caffeine
Tesla has updated their self driving software so that people can "summon" their cars parked in parking lots. It works as good as you think it does, so do keep an extra eye open becuase I'm sure people will abuse this "feature"
25 Replies | 469 Views
» Harley arseholes
Sep 30, 2019 - 9:12 PM - by custom900
21 Replies | 594 Views
» Alternative Running-in Technique
Sep 29, 2019 - 12:17 PM - by BigDiggity
How'ya lads.

I'm looking at buying an MT10 in the next week or two and if I do, it will be my first ever brand new bike.

I was reading the FZ10/MT10 forum to try find out in advance what the running in period is like on it... I came across this post which criticizes manufacturer running in techniques and promotes another. I'm hoping some of the more mechanically experienced lads might give their opinion on it. So hear it is....

There are many opinions and methods. I use a version of the motoman break in method. You can read about it here www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

The theory is that factories recommend soft break in procedures for
... [Read More]
28 Replies | 659 Views

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